My works play on emotions and draw from Nature, evoking serenity, sensuality, and joy. The relationships among colors of paint or forms in sculpture embody human emotions and interactions. My creations are reflections of life’s milestones, miracles, adventures, and triumphs.

The interactions of colors in my paintings are designed to provide an escape from reality. Often, my paintings are designed to hang multiple ways to provide for more than one image.

My three-dimensional works flow and undulate exemplifying Nature’s rocks, root systems, land contours, shriveled leaves, as well as the human torso. Working with clay enables me to capture the essence of those things that inspire me while exploring the sensuality of my chosen material.




Ratner Museum Bethesda,MD 2009 and 2007
Columbia Festival of the Arts Columbia, MD 2009
Attleboro Arts Museum, MA 2008
Topanga Art Gallery, CA 2008
Micro Museum Brooklyn, NY 2007
Palm Springs Museum of Art, CA 2007
Columbia College, Columbia,MO 2007
Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Washington, DC, 2003, 2003
IASG New Delhi, India 2002
IASG Beijing, China 2002
Glenview Mansion, Rockville, MD 2001-2002
Toyota Headquarters, MD, 2000
Madeira School, McLean, VA, 1999
Celebration of the Arts, Howard County, MD 1997-2002
Virginia Beach Boardwalk Show, VA 1997
Miami Festival of the Arts, FL 1996
Columbia Festival of the Arts, MD 1996
Baltimore Symphony Decorator’s Show House, MD 1995
Baltimore Culinary College, MD 1995
Rehoboth Art League, DE 1995
Baltimore City Hall, MD 1994

Ratner Museum Bethesda, Md 2013 Touchstone Gallery, DC 2010
Columbia Arts Center, MD 2010
Crofton Fine Arts Gallery, MD 2010
Columbia Festival of the Arts, Md 2010
Ranazul Maple Lawn, Md 2009
Karpeles Museum, Santa Barbara, CA 2007
Columbia Wellness Center, MD 1999
Columbia Festival of the Arts, MD 1996
Harbor Court Hotel, Baltimore, MD 1995
Slayton House, Columbia, MD 1993
Howard Community College, MD 1992
Rockland Fine Arts Center, MD 1986



Ratner Museum (2007)
Bethesda, MD

Universal Signs (2007)
An Independent Movie

NEOCON (2007)
Chicago, IL

Rockville Art League (2001-2002)
Rockville, MD

Maryland Federation of Arts (1996)
Annapolis, MD

Rehoboth Art League (1995)
Rehoboth, DE

Featured Artist
Bethesda Branch President NLAPW
Bethesda, MD

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