Promise - Limited Edition Print

It’s all in the Imagination!
The painting “Promise” was one that flowed from me to the canvas with very little angst or over analysis— something fairly rare for me. I saw the painting as an intense, joyful spiritual journey. For me, the painting works horizontally either way, and vertically with the white at the top.  Some viewers saw landscapes, mountain ranges, oceans or headlight patterns of traffic along a highway. One viewer, however said that the painting was “evil”, and that if he were an astronaut and had a choice of landing in the environment of the painting or dying, he would rather die.  My first thought was, “my art may not be the right fit for you”.
Art is subjective. It stirs an emotional response from somewhere deep in our psyche. Subsequently, when one of my pieces was purchased by a psychiatrist he affirmed that comments and reactions reveal more about the viewer than about the artist. It’s all in the imagination.
Until the next blog – keep creating!

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